The Ark office in London is closed due to a fire.

Staff have no access to emails and landline phones are currently not working. All staff members are fine and accounted for.
We don't yet know if the office will be open and systems restored for Thursday 2 April, 2015.
Further details to follow in this space, or on Twitter.


Ark runs a network of high-achieving, non selective schools.

We are one of the country's top-performing academy groups.

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Ark outperforms other schools at GCSE

Ark has beaten the odds to increase the percentage of students achieving 5 good GCSEs

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What teachers make:

Pupils from around the Ark network tell us what they think "teachers make" in this new video.

Interested in teaching? Become a great teacher with Ark Teacher Training. Find out more at

What do you think teachers make? Post your response or follow us on Twitter under the hashtag #teachersmake.


About us

Ark is a network of high-achieving, non-selective schools and one of the country’s top-performing academy groups. We run 31 academies in London, Birmingham, Portsmouth and Hastings, educating around 17,000 pupils.

Around 90% of our schools which have been inspected by Ofsted are rated as good or outstanding – compared to a national average of 80%.

Our aim is to create outstanding schools that give every pupil, regardless of their background, the opportunity to go to university or pursue the career of their choice.



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